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Avatyr is proud to partner with #HowToRobot, the next global revolution in the Robotics & Automation Industry. #HowToRobot is the world’s first digital robot hub. It helps customers plan and execute automation projects successfully and connect them with the right suppliers. The platform is a digital marketplace for customers & end-users to find the right suppliers of robotics technology, components and services to suit their requirements.

The platform is International, and over 15,000 suppliers are registered. #HowToRobot is owned and operated completely independently of robot and automation suppliers.


As a customer, your automation effort requires dedicated work and deep knowledge to Identify & Specify the right process and find suitable vendors. No matter the size of your company, we can consistently accomplish this better, faster and below the cost of carrying it out internally. Feel free to contact us to help you to prioritize your automation needs and to evaluate your production through a feasibility study.

Our team of Robotics & Automation consultants have vast individual experiences in implementing robotics applications and running automation projects in a variety of industries.

For more information please visit:

Robotics Suppliers:
System Integrators, Equipment Suppliers, Service Consultants:
here's how you sign up as a supplier and list your company:

Ensure that your company  is exposed to the right customers today and start a conversation with end-users about  projects or solutions. Don't lose the opportunity to get RFQs from local & global customers. Join more than 15,000 other suppliers in over 15 countries to reach more customers. Subscribe  to our paid services to receive RFQ/RFIs  or get discovered by customers from all over the globe.

Registration is Free. Claim your profile today or create one in 5-10 minutes.

Customers & End-Users:
Define your automation needs, get help with feasibility studies, advice and automation roadmaps. Find the right suppliers through the platform 

Ensure that your company makes the right choice with our help.  Choose from more than 15,000 global suppliers in over 15 countries to get the best solution for you. Access our Expert (paid) services to help you prioritize and define the best scope for you. Generate RFI/RFQ through the database.

Registration is Free. 


Need Help? Schedule / Request a call from us:
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