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Avatyr is proud to partner with, the fastest-growing digital technology platform that aims to connect Manufacturing, Industrial, and Energy companies with innovative technology from start-ups. This makes searching for technology in the industry as easy as finding a restaurant. The digital marketplace provides access to all required support to help you position your technology for success and get deployment done. Over the years, they have facilitated more than >1000 use cases of technology for tens of different corporates.
For more information please visit:

Start-ups or SMEs: here's how you sign up as a technology provider to showcase your tech:

Ensure that your technology is exposed to the right corporate clients today and start a conversation with end-users about pilot projects or delivering solutions. You'll get help building your page in Technology Catalogue.

Investors, VCs & Accelerators: 
Help your Start-ups get clients and Pilot projects:

There's nothing better you can do for your start-ups than to help them scale by finding new customers. Make the right choice today by guiding them to sign-up and they will thank you for it. Watch them scale and reach revenue targets.

here's how you can sign-up as an end-user for cutting-edge technology:

Search for technology to leap-frog into the future or solve specific challenges.
Find the right start-ups, SMEs and the technology suppliers for you to partner with. Choose the level of curated support programs  your company needs.


Tech Experts: here's how you can benefit by signing up and advising end-users and tech providers:

Registration is Free. You can profile your expertise and support end-users and technology suppliers alike with your knowledge, advise and experience.

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